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2024 Economic Outlooks from top Investment Banks and Asset Managers

Updated: Feb 15

Please click below for the links to the respective 2024 economic outlooks


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Investment Banks

Goldman Sachs (Macro): Insightful Overview (click here)

Goldman Sachs Asset Management: Asset-Focused Perspectives (click here)

J.P. Morgan (Election Impact): 3 thoughts on the year ahead (click here)

J.P. Morgan (Macro): Investment Outlook (click here)

Morgan Stanley (Macro): Investment Outlook (click here).

UBS: The outlook for equities in 2024 (click here)

Lazard: Strategic Outlook (click here)

Citi: Wealth Outlook (click here)

UBS: Macro Forecasts (click here)

HSBC: Investment Outlook (click here)

Deutsche Bank: Macro and Markets (click here).

BNP Paribas: Investment Outlook (click here).

Barclays: Outlook (click here).

Private Equity

KKR (Macro): Global Trends (click here)

Apollo (PE): 2024 Private Equity Outlook (click here)

Blackstone (Macro): Market Views from Jon Grey (click here)

Asset Managers

BlackRock (Thematic): Future Trends (click here)

iShares (Thematic): Three themes to get investors off the sidelines (click here)

MAN Group: Outlook (click here).

S&P Global M&A: Mergers and Acquisitions (click here)

Fidelity International: Global Insights (click here)

BNP Paribas Asset Management: Stepping into a new reality (click here)

Lombard Odier: Investment Convictions (click here).

Invesco: Outlook (click here).

Schroders: Outlook (click here).

Allianz: Outlook (click here).

Pimco: Asset Allocation Outlook (click here).

Pictet: Asset Allocation (click here).

State Street: Global Market Outlook (click here).


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